Ridge Rock Brewing Company was founded in 2018 by four local residents looking to bring something special to Carp in this historic and iconic building built in 1893.


The team, which included home brewing aficionados, decided to create a community gathering place and brewery. What you see today is the product of a long, 14 month project that employed numerous local labourers and firms. The tables and bar top are made from local trees from Carp that were dried in a homemade solar kiln in one of the partner’s backyards. The railroad rail fastened to the bottom of the bar and used as the kickplate is original track that went to the Carp co-op, cast the same year this building (1893). The red neon clock is actually a solid cast aluminum clock that was originally part of the exterior of the building and was refurbished to go on our wall. These are just some of the many examples of historical pieces we strived to give new life in the Ridge Rock Brewery.


Take a walk around and take a trip through our local history. We have historic plaques placed on different areas that tell some of the many stories this building and community has been a part of.


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Our beer is brewed by brewmaster Joel Windich. Our brewhouse is a Canadian made 15-barrel steam heated system. We use only the best local ingredients available to brew down-to-earth beers that everyone can enjoy. We provide flights so you can taste the variety we offer as well as retail cans to take home. We can even seal a 32 ounce crowler can (right behind the bar) of anything we have on tap to bring home!