Your Pizza and Beer Pairing Guide

Nothing pairs better with a cheesy slice of pizza than an ice cold pint of beer.

Whether you’re having people over at your place, need a quick dinner option, or you don’t want to cook, a pizza with your favourite toppings is the perfect fit. Add a cold pint of beer on the side and you’ve got the perfect combo.

The following are our favourite pizza and beer pairings you should definitely try!

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Irish Stout – The smoky flavours from the roasted barley pairs well with the sweetness of the BBQ sauce.

Cheese Pizza with Ridge Rock Amber – The malt flavour is simple enough to pair with cheese pizza without overpowering it.

Spicy Pepperoni with American Pale Ale – A hoppy pale ale can balance and elevate the spiciness from the pepperoni.

Meat Heavy Pizza with American Pale Ale – The herbs in sausage and other meats can be brought out by a hoppy pale ale.

Hawaiian Pizza with Ridge Rock Blonde – The sweet and light flavours of a blonde beer pairs perfectly with the sweet pineapple on this pizza.

We know there are a ton of different pizza topping combinations that pair well with beer. Let us know what your favourites are below!

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