Why you should drink beer with your chocolate this Valentine’s Day

We all know chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand this time of year. When we think of a drink that pairs with chocolate, most people think of wine. A lot of restaurants have a long wine list for your to pick from, but their beer options are usually limited. Little do people know, beer actually pairs very well with chocolate and rich desserts.

Beers are as complex and varied as wine, if not more. With beers ranging from citrus to chocolate notes, made with barley, malt and hops it makes perfect sense to pair with something rich like chocolate.

Here are a few tips for your beer and chocolate pairings:

  1. Match strength: Some beer styles do not normally lend themselves to pair with chocolate. Lighter beers usually don’t pair well with the richness of a chocolate. So it’s best to stick with rich and malty beers for your chocolate pairings. Whether it’s dark or milk chocolate there’s a beer that will pair perfectly with it.
  2. Stay away from IPAs: The intense bitterness of these hoppy beers often clashes with the creaminess of the chocolate. This is why it’s best to stay away from mixing IPA and chocolate, however there are a few other beers that will match the flavours well. Chocolate is often paired best with porter and stout beers.

Chocolate and stout beer is a pair made in heaven. They both compliment each other well with their decadent, rich and smooth flavours. Try pairing a pint of stout with something chocolatey and sweet and you’ll see how well the flavour profiles match.

Need a gift idea for a loved one this Valentine’s Day? Try pairing our Ridge Rock Irish Stout with a box of chocolates or a chocolatey dessert. Stop by our brewery at 421 Donald B. Munro Drive in Carp, to pick up a couple of our Irish Stout beers.