Which type of glass is best for certain beers?

Here’s something you may not have known- different types of beers can be enhanced just by drinking them out of a specific glass. For the average beer drinker, this probably doesn’t mean anything. For others, having the right beer in the right glass makes all the difference in the world. If you fall somewhere in between the two, think back to a time you had a beer that really seemed to hit the spot more than usual. There’s a few things that could’ve done this- maybe the beer was the perfect temperature, or the beer came from a fresh keg, or maybe it was simply poured into the right type of glass. You may not always be able to control if the beer is served at the right temperature, or if it comes from a fresh keg, but you can always make sure it’s poured into a glass that compliments the type of beer!

Pint Glass

There are multiple types of pint glasses, but the most common is the American pint glass and is probably the one you are most used to seeing and using in restaurants and pubs. This type of glass is compatible with many beers, and because of its shape it does a good job capturing the smell of your drink. Typically holding 16 ounces you’ll often be served lagers and ales in this glass, as well as other styles like IPAs, stouts and porters. Because of how simple the design is, its cheap to buy, easy to drink out of, and easy to clean and stock these glasses which is probably why it’s the go-to glassware for more bars, restaurants, and beer enthusiasts.

Beer Mug

Another popular option, the beer mug also comes in many different sizes, but its general shape and structure stays the same. Most commonly found in Germany, England and the United States, this glass is incredibly robust and holds a lot of beer which makes it a fan favorite. The thick walls of the glass do a good job keeping your beer chilled, and the handle on the side gives you a good grip on the glass (which helps after you’ve had a few too many) while preventing your hand from inadvertently warming up the beer. It’s easy to see why this glassware is so popular!


Ideally, a snifter glass is the best option for strong beers such as imperial stouts. This type of glass is usually used for tasting cognac and brandy, but it also does a great job enriching the aromatics of beers with strong flavours and smells. Although it can hold a decent amount of beer, it’s best to leave some space at the top of this unique glass shape which will allow you to swirl the beer around to bring out the full aroma of the beer. If you can find this bad boy out in public anywhere, give it a whirl with your next stout!


The growing popularity of IPAs demands the proper glassware to drink it from. There are a few ways to go with these- the standard pint glass is a good option for example. But, an IPA glass does exist which is meant to enhance the taste and support the beer froth with its aroma. This type of glass is very hard to find, but if you ever come across one you’ll find that its unique design and wide smooth opening allow you to enjoy your IPA to its fullest!

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