What is Craft Beer?

The brewing landscape in Canada during the 1980’s was a lot different than what we see today. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, only 10 brewing companies were in production at that time, and of those 10, the three largest companies (Molson, Labatt, and Carling O’Keefe) owned 96% of the market. The limited options of light, bland beers controlled by a monopolized market caused a need for change, a change which came in the form of microbreweries. Now, nearly 30 years later, the latest statistics in Canada indicate that there are over 800 breweries nationwide, and the number continues to grow year after year.

A microbrewery (or craft brewery) is typically known for producing small amounts of beer compared to the large-scale corporate breweries, and are owned and operated independently. One of the main reasons why microbreweries have gained so much attention and grown so fast is because they emphasize the quality and flavour of beer over mass production. Often using alternate brewing methods, microbreweries strive to create new and exciting flavours, unique to their brand of beer!

Other big brewing companies have tried launching their own craft breweries to get a slice of the growing market. For now, until an official definition of “craft breweries” is established, brewers and drinkers alike will have to let what’s in the glass speak for itself.

At Ridge Rock Brewing, we strive to create awesome local craft beer for all of Carp to enjoy and call their own. Our historic building has been renovated to brew beer and for Carp’s residents to enjoy a pint (or a few) and some live music!