The Best Beer and Food Pairings

Pairing the right red and white wines with your food is quite common among wine enthusiasts, and most restaurants will be able to offer you some guidance on that perfect cab sauv to pair with your steak. But even wine lovers have been realizing that beer has the capacity to pair with all kinds of food. In fact, beer may be more food-friendly than wine is- there is definitely more room for mixing and matching flavours. From blondes to stouts and everything in between, there are a few guidelines to follow to pair the right dish with the right beer to get the most out of your meal and beverage!

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are known for their smooth texture and lighter carbonation than other beers like blonde ales and light lagers. Ironically, the wheat doesn’t add much flavour to the beer, so many brewers often add citrus and other fruity favours to make the taste distinguishable. Because of this, wheat beers are very versatile and can be paired with many types of food. But, pairing any fruity or citrus-style dish like asian dishes, light salads, and fruity desserts will all do a good job enhancing the flavours. Other foods that go well with this type of beer are chicken wings and spicy noodle dishes. 

Amber Ale

With strong flavours of malt and caramel notes, amber ales give a smooth crisp finish that’s hard to beat. Because of their dry, crisp finish, amber ales act as a great palate cleanser which gives it a unique ability to work with certain foods that other beers can’t offer. A lot of spicy bold flavours like jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, and BBQ ribs all pair really well with the maltiness of the amber ale. If you need to turn down the heat of your dish or cleanse the strong flavours, amber ales will do the trick!


The richness of a good stout begs for the right food pairing. Because so many stouts contain a smooth chocolaty or coffee taste, they are perfect for pairing with many kinds of desserts like chocolate mousse and chocolate truffles, or even a nutty cake or pie. If you feel like having a stout with your main course, that’s ok too. Stouts also pair very well with lobster, oysters, and other shellfish meals.

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