Take Our Beer Home For A Cocktail

Did you know you can add beer to a variety of cocktails?

Don’t worry if you’re more of a cocktail person, our beer can be added to a few cocktails to bring them to the next level. Our signature Ridge Rock beers, amber, american pale ale and blonde can be taken home with you in our tall cans. Or bring home any of our craft beers in a monster 1L tall can that can be canned right at our brewery.

We’ve put together a few beer cocktail recipes below for you to test out at home!

Black Velvet

A black velvet is made from ½ stout beer and ½ cider. This cocktail is a great mix of creamy coffee flavour with sweet cider.

Beer Margarita

Mix 12 ounces of blonde beer with 6 ounces of lime concentrate and a shot of tequila. A lighter blonde beer mixes perfectly with the lime in a margarita.


Try making a michelada with 12 ounces of blonde beer, 4 ounces of tomato juice, hot sauce to taste and a splash of lime. This is a great take on a classic Canadian caesar that mixes in our craft beer!

Espresso Stout

An espresso stout combines an ounce of cold espresso, an ounce of Kahlua and 8 ounces of stout beer. This cocktail adds some more creamy coffee flavours to our stout beer.

Campari IPA

Mix an ounce of Campari, 5 ounces of IPA and a splash of sparkling orange juice to make this delicious cocktail. This is a great fruity orange cocktail that our citrusy IPA goes well with.

Have other questions about our beer? Stop by our brewery to chat and take home some of our craft beer for your next cocktail.