Everything you need to know about beer

Beer can be a complicated subject. Especially with all the different types and names that can get confusing to someone that doesn’t completely understand the meanings. In this post we have outlined the different types of beers, their names and the difference between malty and hoppy beers.

There are two types of beers: Lagers and Ales.

Lagers have a crisper taste because of their fermentation process. They are fermented for longer at a lower temperature, which mellows the beer and creates a smoother taste.

Ales are sweet, full bodied and can vary in colour depending on the grains used during the brewing process. A lot of ales contain hps, which add bitter flavour to counteract the sweetness.

All of the Ridge Rock beers fall under the category of ales and can be described as the following:

  • Stout is roasted not malted and is sweet with caramel aromas.
  • Amber is sweet from excess malt, which comes out amber coloured.
  • Pale ale is malty and hoppy with fruity aromas.
  • Indian pale ale is bitter and amber coloured.

Malty flavour comes from the malted caramel grains that are sugars fermented to create the CO2 and alcohol content. Malt also contributes to the beer colour, flavour and mouthfeel. It can make the beer sweet, darker and heavier. They also have richer flavours like caramel and espresso.

Hoppy flavour comes from the hops used in the beer. This flower produces bitterness that balances the malt’s sweetness. The flavour depends on where the hops are grown, but most have a fruity, herbal or citrus flavours. Beers that have a strong hoppy flavour comes from hops being left in the barrel for longer. The IPA was known for having hops left in the barrel as it was being shipped, which is why it comes out with a hoppy flavour.

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