Candy and beer pairings

You might not think your beer would pair well with candy and sweet treats. We’re here to tell you otherwise! Next time you’re enjoying an iced cold one, try having some of these sweet treats with it.


A dark and creamy stout beer would pair very well with a Milky Way or a 3 Musketeers chocolate bar. These rich chocolate bars are the perfect match for any stout, including our Irish Stout!

Pale Ale

Do you remember the candy cigarettes we used to love as kids? Those would pair perfectly with a pale ale beer as it balances the hoppiness with its sweet taste. Try out a candy cigarette next time you have a pint of our American Pale Ale!


An IPA typically has a heavy hop flavour with a hint of citrus. This pairs very well with the flavours of the rainbow and creates a great range of tanginess. Next time you’re drinking our IPA make sure you grab a pack of Skittles as well.

Have any other candy and beer pairings? Let us know what they are! We would love to learn about what you like eating with your Ridge Rock beer.