6 Ways Ridge Rock Beer Can Make You Healthier

A beer a day keeps the doctor away- that’s the expression, right? Maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but there is some truth to the health advantages of drinking beer. So the next time you go to crack open a Ridge Rock fresh one, you can feel good about doing something for your health. Visit our Ottawa brewery to pick up your favourite Ridge Rock brew.

Better brain function

Who would’ve thought that beer has the potential to improve brain function. Obviously the opposite affect happens when we have a few too many, but some flavonoids in beer have been shown to help overall cognitive health. On top of that, hops, an ingredient in beer, has been found to increase brain function in high doses.

Run recovery 

Inflammation in muscles and joints is common after pretty much any strenuous physical activity. Luckily, beer contains polyphenols which are found in hops and can help reduce these symptoms after a running workout, for example. Also, a cold beer can help relax the body and alleviate some soreness and tension after exercise.

Good for the gut

Beer contains soluble fibre from the malt, which aids in overall gut health. On top of that, this process also stimulates other essential enzymes in the gut to better help with gut health and balance. 

Common cold killer

Feeling a cold coming on? Next time don’t be so quick to reach for the cough syrup in the medicine cabinet. Instead, grab a fruity beer as they are sure to contain antioxidants from goji berries and acai floating around in your pint glass. These chemicals will help fight off the common cold before it hits. 

Strong beer means strong bones

Everyone immediately thinks of calcium when talking about strong healthy bones. But there are other elements that make up strong bone structure, one of them being silicon which can be found in beer. Silicon has shown to aid in warding off osteoporosis and lowering the risk of bone fractures. 

Stress Reliever 

There’s nothing quite like the stress relief of sipping into your favourite beer after a long hard day. Not only is it delicious, but beer can help to lower blood pressure and relax your mind and body.

Stop by our Ottawa brewery to find your favourite beer, we have a variety on tap and in to go cans.