Wes’ Chips opens today

ARNPRIOR – Wes’s Chips opened its famous truck doors today (April 16) and turned on the fryers on its 60th year.

The owners made the well-received statement yesterday to much virtual applause.

“April 16 is our official opening day,” the statement read. “You might have seen us there today (April 15), but it was our trial run. We wanted to become familiar with all the new practices that have been introduced since COVID-19.”

The popular Valley chip stand is introducing new policies and new equipment in the age of the coronavirus.

“We do ask you to please line up in the designated line, keeping social distance,” the owners said. “Only one customer at the counter at a time. We will fill their order first before allowing the next customer to approach the counter.”

For the first time ever, Wes’ Chips will now accept debit.

“We now offer a debit/credit machine,” staff said. “We would appreciate it if you would use the tap feature if possible. We will not offer halfway at this time. We simply place your order in a bag with any packages of salt, vinegar or ketchup. Please be patient as these new practices with take more time. See you soon.”