Weekend RIDE program finds sober drivers

OTTAWA – Hundreds of motorists were stopped Saturday night but Ottawa police found them all responsible.

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) held a mega-RIDE program Saturday evening (Dec. 14) and was happy to not charge a single motorist with impaired driving.

“Officers from the Ottawa Police Service stopped 375 vehicles for assessment of drivers impaired by alcohol and/or drugs,” the OPS released in a statement.

During The  RIDE program police issued:

  • One Provincial Offence Notice given for open liquor under the Liquor Licence Act
  • One Provincial Offence Notice given for unlicensed driver under the Highway Traffic Act
  • One warning given for having cannabis within reach of the driver under the Cannabis Act
  • Four warnings given for burnt out headlights

“The OPS would like to thank motorists for their co-operation during the holiday season,” the OPS said.