WCBNN honouring WC’s best businesses

WEST CARLETON – The West Carleton Business Neighbourhood Network (WCBNN) wants to honour West Carleton’s best businesses.

The WCBNN formed during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to support West Carleton businesses in their time of need by providing networking, marketing and support services. The networking group was the brainchild of four West Carleton women with a variety of business interests in the community. Tanya Laughlin – a mortgage agent and dairy farmer, Monique Strathern – an independent Tupperware star director, Shannon Spallin – owner of West Carleton Household Service and Amanda Dubé – a hair stylist.

Most of their networking work is done on the popular WCBNN’s Facebook page.

“When this group was started in April 2020 we didn’t know how long COVID-19 and the first lockdown would last,” founding WCBNN member Shannon Spallin released in a statement today (Feb. 2). “We’ve banded together, learned more about each other and supported each other.”

As the province, and West Carleton’s businesses struggle through the second lockdown of the pandemic, the WCBN wants to celebrate those entrepreneurs battling through the times.

“But here we are in 2021 in the midst of another lockdown,” Spallin said. “We wanted to celebrate our local businesses and members through this tumultuous year.”

And they will be doing that through the inaugural WCBNN Awards. The awards are people-powered and will only involve businesses in West Carleton.

First up is the nomination process. Following that process, the WCBNN will hold a voting period to pick its winners. If you would like to nominate a West Carleton business owner and volunteer, see below.

The West Carleton Business Neighbourhood Network Awards

There are only two categories:

  1. Best Business/Person and
  2. Outstanding Volunteer

The Nominees must be in Ward 5. Please see the boundary map.

You can only vote once.

Nominations run from Feb. 1 and ends Feb. 8, and will be followed by a voting period that will be posted.

Nomination form – https://form.jotform.com/203655932227053