WC snowmobile club AGM to fill top position

WEST CARLETON – The West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association (WCSTA) will be filling the top position at the Sept. 17 annual general meeting.

“We will be filling several positions on your board this year and the new board will be selecting some key officer positions including president and treasurer,” the WCSTA board of directors released in a statement.

The WCSTA is one of the most active clubs in West Carleton maintaining 250 km of “beautiful, safe and well-maintained snowmobile trails.” The club boasts several hundred members.

The club has been very active working to build the world’s longest snowmobile bridge that will link Quebec and Ontario through West Carleton, a project it continues to fundraise for.

“Our club needs to continue the work that has been accomplished by you and your board over the last several years,” the WCSTA said. “There have been some new trails and bridges added, events, membership growth, snowmobile raffle, sponsors added and many other things.”

The AGM will be held at the Kinburn Community Centre on Sept. 17 starting at 7 p.m. and follow strict COVID-19 safety procedures.

“If you can help in any way please send a message to Mark at Treasurer@wcstai.com,” the WCSTA said.