Turtle fences coming to Thomas A. Dolan Parkway

CARP – After the culvert work on Thomas A. is done the city will throw up a few turtle fences.

Thomas A. Dolan Parkway closed Friday, July 10 so culverts between Stonecrest and Carp roads can be replaced. When that work is done city staff will install turtle fences

“The land on either side of the road is critical habitat for species at risk (such as)  Blanding’s turtles, Snapping turtles and Painted turtles,” the Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) released in a statement July 14. “Blanding’s turtles in particular can wander one or even two kilometres from ponds to lay eggs. The fences will keep them from crossing the road and becoming roadkill.”

One turtle death can have a large impact on the species as a whole.

“The death of a mature female Blanding’s turtle can significantly affect the viability of the local population,” the FCH said. “The Canadian Wildlife Federation said a female Blanding’s turtle reaches maturity as late as 25 years old. Every two to treeh years, she will lay thre to 19 eggs on land. The hatchlings will emerge in late September and October.”