Transportation committee hears plan to improve winter operations

OTTAWA – City staff shared a report with the Transportation committee today (Nov. 13) on how they plan to improve winter operations this season.

“Based on the concerns of residents and councillors about winter operations, the Transportation committee heard how the city will improve service and make it more consistent across Ottawa for the coming winter,” city staff released in a statement today.

“The city’s Number One priority for winter maintenance is to keep residents safe and the transportation network accessible,” city staff said. “This winter, the city will change the area boundaries to better address the unique needs and infrastructure of urban, suburban and rural communities.”

The city will also maintain sidewalks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in accordance with current council-approved maintenance quality standards and improve communications with councillors and residents about winter maintenance. More specialized equipment will be deployed, including ice breakers the city started piloting last winter.

Staff will review the council-approved maintenance quality standards for winter maintenance in 2020, focusing on residential roads and sidewalks. The committee will consider recommendations in 2021.

Ottawa could have eight more community safety zones by the end of the month. In these zones, fines are increased for Highway Traffic Act offences. The committee approved an implementation plan that would create eight more zones near schools across Ottawa, increasing road safety for some of our most vulnerable residents.

Items from today’s Transportation committee meeting requiring City Council approval will be considered on Wednesday, Nov. 27.