Tornado clean up call for help

DUNROBIN – Spring cleaning is in full effect in West Carleton.

While the city is planning to start its flood clean-up this weekend, West Carleton Disaster Relief (WCDR) is organizing work on recovery from an earlier natural disaster last fall for the following weekend (June 8, 9) as well.

The call is on for volunteers to help the community clean-up from the Sept. 21 tornado that ripped up West Carleton from Antrim to Dunrobin. There is still a lot of debris on the ground due to the onset of winter halting clean-up activities last fall.

It’s a massive job as debris was spread over a huge area of land, some of it very difficult to access. This weekend’s work will be focused on homeowners’ property though.

“We’ve planned a clean-up to help homeowners get rid of debris,” WCDR volunteer Lori Kemp-McGrath told West Carleton Online yesterday (May 30). “Stump removal, lost items. We have metal detectors coming in to see what we can turn up.”

The clean-up is planned for Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and June 9. Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. at the Dunrobin Community Association.

“And then we’ll divvy up everyone,” Kemp-McGrath said. “Homeowners have given us permission to go on their property.”

“Please dress appropriately for the weather and come prepared with steel toed boots or very thick soled shoes, water bottle, sunscreen and gloves if you have them,” the WCDR said. “If not, we have some you can borrow. We will supply water, snacks and lunch. We are also looking for people that have trucks, chainsaw and experience in using them who can help with the larger items that need to be cleared away.”

For more information, visit the WCDR’s Facebook event listing.