Thursday’s power outage plays havoc with elevators

OTTAWA – Ottawa firefighters responded to seven different calls related to people trapped in elevators following Thursday evening’s power interruption.

“Thursday evening several areas of the city experienced power interruptions or surges starting just after 6 p.m.,” Ottawa Fire Service (OFS) public information officer Danielle Cardinal released in a statement today (April 12). “Consequently, the level of the disturbance caused a stoppage in a number of elevators.” 

Firefighters from OFS responded to reports of persons trapped in elevators at seven different locations within a one-hour period in different parts of the city. Calls originated from Nepean Street to Canterbury Avenue to Titan Private.  

“In most cases, persons inside were freed rapidly when elevators were reset,” Cardinal said. “Some calls required the assistance of an elevator technician while other calls saw elevator mechanics resolving the issue.  There were no reported injuries but some persons were distressed by the situation.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that OFS responds when persons are reportedly trapped in an elevator,” Cardinal said. “We have trained personnel that can assist when situations like those described above arise. There are some important tips to remember if ever you find yourself in an elevator that ceases to move.”

Ring the alarm found inside the elevator car. This will summon help.

  • Call the emergency number on the elevator plate or 911. Important to stay on the line until advised to hang up.
  • Very important to remain calm. Help is on the way.
  • Wait without prying open the doors.
  • Never attempt to exit a stalled elevator without the help of the building management or firefighters.