Stats show traffic, speed increasing on Corkery roads

CORKERY – Traffic data shows traffic and speeds continue to go up on Corkery roads.

Community member Pierre Gravel, who liaises with Coun. Eli El-Chantiry’s office and in part the Ottawa Police Service’s (OPS) Traffic Services Branch on this issue, has been lobbying for safer driving on Corkery roads for more than a couple of years.

Just a little less than a year ago Corkery’s Gravel facilitated a community meeting with the OPS’ Traffic Enforcement’s Sgt. Craig Roberts held at the Corkery Community Centre Nov. 5, 2019.

The roads in the area including Old Almonte Road, Bearhill Road and March Road had been the scene of several motor vehicle collisions at the time, and continue to create work for emergency services.

On Oct. 29, Gravel shared some of the most recent OPS data collected by speedboards located on Old Almonte and Howie roads for May and June. This information was shared with him through El-Chantir’s office.

“The increased rate of speed on Old Almonte has been noticeable over the past few months,” Gravel released in a statement on Oct. 29. “Many vehicles are travelling well beyond the posted limit.”

Stats show traffic increased on Old Almonte Road during that time by an average of 48 to 84 more cars per day. “On a daily basis,” the average maximum speed is 46 to 51 kilometres per hour higher than the posted limit. About 30 per cent of traffic is respecting the speed limit.

“Some vehicles speed at 100 km-h or more, 92 days out of the 120 days data was tracked,” Gravel said.

On Howie Road, the story is similar.

On average, traffic increased in May and June by 20 to 30 more cars per day. The average maximum speed is 30 to 36 km-h higher than the posted limit. But roughly 61 per cent of the vehicles are respecting the posted limit. One vehicle was recorded travelling 159 km-h on Howie Road – 99 km-h over the posted limit.

The speedboard was also observed over this time.

“An adjustment was made this summer to allow the reading to display up to 80 km-h, if you don’t see the reading displayed it’s because you are exceeding 80 km-h,” Gravel said. “Please respect the posted speed limits, be courteous to walkers, runners and cyclists by slowing down and moving over. Thanks to those who do.”