St. Gabriel’s tourtieres, pies available until Dec. 12

CONSTANCE BAY – It’s the one time of the year where you hear the word tourtieres, and they are still available, part of St. Gabriel’s Heavenly Pies’ Christmas order package.

St. Gabriel’s Heavenly Pies are a popular treat consistently selling out at the Constance Bay Community Market when the market was able to be held in a time before COVID-19.

The volunteers of the pie making business are ready and waiting for your orders for the Christmas season.

St. Gabriel’s Heavenly Pies include beef/pork, vegetarian and minced turkey pies. Those are available for $18 at the regular size and $8 for the individual size. The company has all sorts of sweet pies including apple, blueberry, field berries, pumpkin and raisin. Fruit pies are $14 each.

All pies are frozen and unbaked unless specified. Gluten-free pies are also available.

“The wonderful bakers of St. Gabriel’s Parish in Constance Bay are still accepting orders for their annual sale of tourtieres and pies until Dec. 12,” Coun. Eli El-Chantiry released in a statement.

Orders can be sent by email to for tourtieres and for fruit pies. Delivery and pick-up is available all month. To see the order form, click here. For baking instructions and tourtiere ingredients, click here.

All money raised supports the St. Gabriel Catholic Church.