Small forest fire in Algonquin Park

ALGONQUIN PARK – A small forest fire is burning out of control in Algonquin Park.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) reported the blaze on Monday afternoon (Aug.  19) around 1:45 p.m. The fire is currently 0.2 hectares and located near Grand Lake on the eastern side of Algonquin Provincial Park. 

Algonquin Park rules state If you’re having a fire in a provincial park you have to wait at least two hours before sunset and have the blaze extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. Tools and water to extinguish the fire should always be close by. Before you leave you should always drown out the fire with water, and be sure to stir the ashes to uncover hot coals and drown it again. 

The MNRF says consider alternatives to burning brush or yard waste such as chipping or composting or saving burn piles for the fall or after fire season.

Before having a bonfire be sure to check with your local municipality to see if there’s any burn bans in place. 

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