Six wildfires burning in Algonquin Park

ALGONQUIN PARK – Six wildfires are burning in Algonquin Park, but authorities expect today’s rain (Aug. 28) will help them battle the blazes.

On Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 27)  the Ministry of Natural Resources had reported six forest fires burning in Algonquin Park and another two nearby. Fire information officer, Isabelle Chenard, says over the last couple of days they’ve had planes flying over and dropping water on the affected areas. Chenard says fire season runs from the start of April to the end of October and adds it’s not uncommon to have multiple forest fires the same area, especially if it’s been dry. Chenard says the cause of the fires in the park are currently under investigation. 

The fire information officer says there’s currently no burn ban in place in Algonquin Park. When having a fire in provincial parks you’re reminded to keep the blaze under one meter high and one meter wide. Chenard says before having a bonfire you should check with the local municipality to ensure there’s no restrictions in place and adds you should always have water nearby to put out the blaze. 

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