Sharing Wisdom presents workshop on senior scams, elder abuse Nov. 8

KINBURN – Seniors have long been targets of frauds and scams. Sharing Wisdom, Lives and Hearts Across the Ages (Sharing Wisdon) will present subject matter experts in a workshop designed to give seniors the information they need to prevent being a victim of fraud.

At noon, on Friday, Nov. 8 at the Kinburn Community Centre, Sharing Wisdom will be serving a lovely free luncheon catered by Tea & Cake, of Almonte, program coordinator Gillian Mattock told West Carleton Online.

“This will be followed by an information and advice session with a certified counselor from Elder Abuse Ontario, as well as a community police officer and the fraud officer from the Royal Bank in Kinburn,” Mattock, who is also the Church Warden for the Anglican Parish of Huntley, said. “There are many scams and frauds we all need to be aware of, and also the well meaning, but maybe misguided intentions of friends or relatives which can creep into any relationship, to the detriment of the senior. We hope the information and help available this afternoon, will show you how you can identify abuse, scams or frauds, in order to help older adults at risk.”

Wisdom, Life and Hearts Across the Ages is a government-funded program in the rural community of West Carleton.

“We offer service and community support to all residents in the West Carleton area, in a manner that respects, educates and supports diversity and inclusiveness of all,” Mattock said. “Through our project, our activities will deepen the connections between young and old and give each generation a greater understanding of what the other faces in day to day life. 

Registration for the workshop is necessary. Registrations will not be accepted after Saturday, Nov. 2.

For more information, please register on-line at or e-mail or phone to leave a message on 613-832-0552.

Sharing Wisdom includes all generations in the planning of six activities, taking place between September, 2019 and March, 2020. The participants and volunteers will not be the only ones to benefit from these six activities.

“We have also engaged local businesses, (for catering, advertising and taxi services etc.) and community groups, (school bands and children’s choirs etc.) which we hope will support our local economic community,” Mattock said.