Scammers trying to dupe high school students

OTTAWA – Area fraudsters are aiming their sites on high school students police warn.

“The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) Organized Fraud Unit is warning the community about a recent fraud trend targeting young people,” the OPS released in a statement today (Nov. 27). ”The suspects approach young people and convince them to loan out their bank card and PIN.  They are offered financial compensation in return for the loaning of their card. The suspects will then deposit the proceeds from another fraud into the young person’s bank account and immediately withdraw the money.”

Banks will generally determine the deposit is a fraud and the card holder will be responsible for the money that was withdrawn.

Card holders are recruited through acquaintances or through social media sites. The target audience for this scam is high school students with bank accounts. Peer pressure is used to recruit them as well as the promise of easy money.

Parents are encouraged to discuss this scam with their children and emphasize the fact that:
•       You are responsible for everything that goes on in your bank account
•       Do not give out your bank card or PIN to anybody
•       There is no way to get “free” money

“If you believe you or your child is currently in the middle of a similar scam, contact your bank and have your account frozen immediately,” the OPS said.

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