Savvy Seconds returns in pop-up form

CONSTANCE BAY – The Savvy Seconds-West Carleton free used clothing store has kept its doors shut since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But with a desire to serve its clients during a time when clients need its services the most, Savvy Seconds has hosted a couple of outdoor, pop-up stores outside so those who need it, can keep their family clothed.

Last Saturday (Oct. 17) Trish St. Croix hosted the second Savvy Seconds pop-up shop of the COVID-19 times on her Constance Bay driveway. Three weeks prior to that, volunteers hosted the first pop-up of the pandemic. St. Croix says it was put together rather quickly with little notice, and because of that, turnout was slow.

When West Carleton Online arrived around noon, the outdoor pop-up shop had a bit of a crowd of shoppers and donators.

“We brought it here,” said St. Croix who also had to take over management duties as Sassy Seconds founder Vera Jones was not feeling her best. “People still need clothes.”

St. Croix has been a Sassy Seconds volunteer for about the last three years.