RVCA taking spring tree planting reservations for WC now

WEST CARLETON — Tired of looking at empty fields? Don’t know what to do with idle farmlands or marginal land? Why not fill them with healthy, native trees.

Sign up now and take advantage of Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s (RVCA) subsidies to convert idle land into tomorrow’s forests.

“RVCA’s tree planting programs come with significant subsidies that will help landowners plan, prepare, plant, and maintain their new forests,” RVCA director, Conservation Lands and Stewardship Dan Cooper said. “What better way to transform fallow land into future woodlands.”  

Typical costs for the RVCA’s full-service tree-planting program are $0.15/tree ($120/acre). The RVCA and its planting partners cover all additional costs. Landowners interested in having one acre or more (0.4 hectares) planted in trees should meet with RVCA staff to start planning now.

“We’ve been planting trees since 1983 and, in total, we’ve planted more than 6.6 million trees. We are looking to plant more,” Cooper said. “Helping landowners meet their reforestation needs is our goal — our tree planting programs are low-cost and full-service.”

Idle and unproductive land can eventually establish new forests by natural succession, but this takes many, many years. A faster way is to opt for RVCA’s tree planting programs. They will help move the process along by planting healthy, native tree seedlings suited for the specific site.

Once signed up, landowners can expect an RVCA forestry expert to meet with them to discuss their specific needs. Staff will assess the site and create a unique, individualized planting plan. You can bet RVCA will plant the right tree in the right place to ensure the best chance of survival and growth.

To plant this coming spring, book your free site now. Contact Dan Cooper, RVCA Director, Conservation Lands and Stewardship at 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504, ext. 1124 or  dan.cooper@rvca.ca.