Russett: Our WC teenager insider

(Editor’s note: West Carleton Online is thrilled to introduce to you our first intern, West Carleton Secondary School student Michelle Russett. The talented writer and photographer will be providing news and feature stories to West Carleton Online covering the high school and youth beat in West Carleton. She will also be venturing out in to the community on occasion to cover a wider variety of topics on a regular basis. But don’t take our word for it, we’ll let Ms. Russett introduce herself to you:)

WEST CARLETON – My name is Michelle Russett, and through my internship at West Carleton Online, I’ll be bringing you an insider’s perspective on the lives of the teenagers of today. 

Throughout my life, I’ve been dedicated to exploring and understanding the unfamiliar, and this interest has dominated not only the work I produce, but also the hobbies I enjoy. The books I read allow me to immerse myself in worlds entirely separate from our own. The abandoned buildings I spent my childhood exploring fascinated me with their echoes of entire lives lived long, long ago.

Often, I find myself taking a trek through the wilderness, armed with only a camera and back-up memory card, discovering beautiful plants and landscapes I’ve never noticed before. There are so many things to see in this world, and what other people are quick to brush off are the things I take the most time to truly study – everything can be fascinating, and everything has a story waiting to be uncovered. It’s my determination to learn these stories which drives me to become a journalist and share the curiosity with which I view the world with everyone my work can reach. 

Throughout my five years at West Carleton Secondary School (WCSS), I’ve spent a great deal of time contributing to a sense of connection in our community. I have volunteered many hours towards planning holiday events for families to enjoy, including a Hallowe’en celebration at my high school for children affected by the tornado, and am involved in several extracurricular events, such as playing the trombone in the WCSS Concert Band and Jazz Band. 

I’m certain that my internship with West Carleton Online will prove to be an invaluable experience in the world of journalism, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to reach out to the community of West Carleton and share the latest news from WCSS.