Rural economic development strategy on city’s work plan for 2019

OTTAWA – The first big step towards an economic development strategy focused on rural Ottawa was taken today (April 4) as the Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee (ARAC) received the city staff’s 2019 work plan on developing said strategy.

ARAC received the 2019 work plan for the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department, outlining the department’s work and key initiatives for 2019.

The department is reporting the entire plan to all relevant committees this year, providing each with a full picture of where their related work sits in the context of the department’s overall priorities. As part of the report, ARAC heard about a planned Rural Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan.

The department is preparing to develop the strategy, which will help identify opportunities to support and stimulate rural economic growth and build on Ottawa’s rural assets. The action plan will identify how and when the opportunities identified in the strategy will be delivered. There will be opportunities for the public to provide input as the department develops the strategy and action plan.

Members of Carp’s two BIAs met Tuesday night (April 2) with subject matter experts on rural economic development – a meeting ARAC chair Coun. Eli El-Chantiry attended.

Additional work completed today relevant to the committee includes reviewing the Flewellyn-Goulbourn special study area policy, a rural residential survey, the All-Terrain Vehicle By-law and rural grants, as well as an update of the Rural Clean Water Grants Program.

ARAC also approved the terms of a settlement on Official Plan Amendment 150. Several parties had appealed based on changes to mapping schedules outlined in the amendment. The settlement makes minor revisions to the mapping related to properties belonging to two of the appellants. It also attaches mapping schedules to the Official Plan for information, but not as part of the plan. The changes would increase transparency by making mapping more accessible.

Items approved at today’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee meeting will go to City Council on Wednesday, April 10.