Renfrew County sitting at six active COVID-19 cases

RENFREW COUNTY – Numbers are stabilizing in Renfrew County as it continues through a second wave that has been rougher for the area than the first.

The Renfrew County and District Health Unit is reporting two new COVID-19 cases yesterday (Nov. 18).

One of the cases is listed as a health care worker and the other is a community member.

Since the beginning of the pandemic officially declared last March, there have been 120 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of those, 113 are considered resolved and there was one death attributed to the coronavirus (that occurred in the first wave), the local health unit is aware of six active cases.

Three COVID-19 cases are in Petawawa, one in the Pembroke area and two in the Deep River area.

None of the active cases in the county are in hospital and everyone is listed as self-isolating.

Fifteen of the reported cases are from the Arnprior area (none are active). Renfrew leads Renfrew County municipalities with 45 total cases.

Renfrew County has completed 37,389 tests in the same time period. Data tracking began on March 18.