Province checking COVID-19 awareness, compliance at city stores this week

OTTAWA – The Ontario government is conducting an education and enforcement initiative this week, ensuring retailers and malls have safety protocols in place to help protect consumers and employees from COVID-19.

“The province will be working with the city and Ottawa Public Health (OPH) for the education and enforcement visits,” city staff released in a statement today (Dec. 7). “The inspections will assist with ensuring retail businesses are complying with the provincial Reopening Ontario Act and Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act.” 

Some of the measures in these regulations include:

Proper crowd control and capacity limits to ensure proper two-metre physical distancing

Proper use of masks and cleaning/disinfection practices

Safety plans are available at specified venues

Proper table spacing and table limits in restaurants and acquiring customer contact information 

“This type of proactive education and enforcement initiative is being conducted province-wide, and responds to inquiries and complaints registered by Ontario residents on possible incidents that may compromise public safety – especially during the busy holiday season,” city staff said.

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