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WEST CARLETON – Hello and thank you subscribers.

As we head in to our Terrible Twos at West Carleton Online, we just want to remind all of our subscribers, a subscription to West Carleton Online is more than just access to our daily news coverage of our beautiful community.

All our subscribers have access to post their events, fundraisers, meetings and public get togethers on the most comprehensive Events Calendar in West Carleton – available for view on every single West Carleton Online page. While the staff of West Carleton Online will occasionally add an event to the calendar, time doesn’t always permit. The best way to ensure your event makes our calendar is to post it yourself – it’s easy.

While there are lots of options when posting, all you really need is the event title, location and date. You can easily cut and paste any information in to the post including a link to the event’s website and then hit submit. You can even add a photo or poster.

If you have any issues, contact us anytime and we are more than happy to help. We love having a full, vibrant and active West Carleton Online Events Calendar. Something our subscribers may not know, you do not have to be a subscriber to access our Events Listing. That means your event post can reach anybody in the country and beyond.

Don’t forget, a subscription to West Carleton Online also gives you access to post on our Business Listings as well. Perfect for small business owners, post your business, logo or business card, link to your website and add as much information about your business as you want. Again, you don’t have to fill out every section in our listing submission form to post. The keys are your logo or a photo, your contact information, a link to your website or Facebook page (if you have one) and, if you want, a description of your business. Like the Events Calendar, subscribers and non-subscribers alike have access to this vital service for those looking for local businesses.

We really want to fill out Business Listings section, because the more businesses listed in our directory, the more useful it is to the community and the more people will come to view yours, and all the businesses there. Why pay a weekly fee to have one tiny spot in the back pages of a twice-monthly newspaper, when you can have an ad, with a direct link to your business, available for free forever, while also having access to West Carleton news posted daily. West Carleton Online is more than just a news service – we’re a community hub. Once again, any questions, please ask us at