Police stepping up RIDE programs St. Patrick’s week

OTTAWA – Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish to get you through St. Patrick Day RIDE programs this week.

The Ottawa Police Traffic Services, as well as the Marine, Dive & Trail Unit will conduct RIDE checkpoints this week and throughout the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend looking for drivers and snowmobilers impaired by alcohol or drugs.

“Impaired driving continues to be a hazard on our roads,” said Traffic Acting Sergeant Christie Cacchione. “It’s not worth losing your licence, your life, or taking the life of someone else.”

Impaired driving is 100 per cent avoidable. Choose a safe way home if you have consumed alcohol:
•       Appoint a designated driver
•       Take a bus, cab, Uber or Lyft
•       Stay over
•       Get a hotel room

Traffic Services will target the end of the week drinks/dinner crowd leading into the St Patrick’s Day weekend. Mobile units will monitor alternate routes in the area of the RIDE and will watch for people who may be avoiding the checkpoint.

“We are giving the public advance notice of our enforcement plan to discourage anyone from driving impaired in the first place,” added A/Sgt. Cacchione. “Let’s make this a safe and fun weekend for everyone on the roads and our local snowmobile trails.”