Peterkins line Booth Centre’s pockets

LOWERTOWN – Caribbean food, cooked in Constance Bay and served in West Carleton, has provided a financial boost to a downtown Ottawa’s men’s shelter.

Constance Bay’s Janet McKeen-Peterkin and Bruce Peterkin created a tasty little fundraiser to raise $654 for the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre – a George Street men’s shelter that also provides addiction treatment programs and is providing food to almost 200 families per week.

“Over the pass few weeks, my husband and I offered to make Caribbean favourite foods for people in the Constance and Buckham’s Bay community,” Janet told West Carleton Online June 2. “We posted a notice on the community Facebook page showing what could be ordered. Our goal was $500. We made more than $600 and are presenting it to the Booth Centre on Wednesday (June 3).”

Bruce is a regular volunteer at the Booth Centre.

“We thought we’d give back to the Salvation Army, who assisted our community during the flood,” Janet said. “The Salvation Army needs our help. There were there for us during the 2017 and 2019 floods and it was our turn to give back.”

The Peterkins cooked chicken and beef curries, jerk chicken and Jamaican patties.

“We had excellent response from our neighbours in Constance Bay, Buckham’s Bay and McLaren’s Landing,” Janet said when she caught back up with us June 5 the day after the presentation.

The Peterkins headed to Lowertown last Wednesday and presented a cheque to the Booth Street managers.

“The funds will be used to purchase a variety of foods for the homeless men who depend on the Booth Centre for their daily meals,” Janet said. “This amount is just a drop in the bucket, however the managers told us this money is greatly appreciated because their food donations at the Booth Centre have decreased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Because of that need, the Peterkins are already planning their next fundraiser.