Person in Ottawa tested for coronavirus

OTTAWA – Ottawa Public Health (OPH) confirmed it is aware of a person being tested for the coronavirus yesterday.

OPH has been made aware of one individual who is being tested for novel coronavirus,” the OPH released in a statement yesterday (Jan. 28). “At this time, there are no lab-confirmed cases in Ottawa.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, there had been one confirmed case of the virus and a presumptive case in Toronto, as well as a presumptive case in British Columbia.

It’s cold and flu season, so the public health agency is again reminding residents to be diligent when it comes to washing their hands and coughing or sneezing.

“Three thousand droplets of saliva fly out of your mouth in a single cough,” OPH reminded residents. “Sneezes can produce 40,000 droplets from your nose and mouth. Covering your coughs and sneezes helps prevent the spread of germs. Always remember to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing.