Patients say thanks to ARH

ARNPRIOR – Sometimes the care one receives at the Arnprior hospital is worthy of saying thanks for.

“Throughout the pandemic, the Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) staff and physicians have remained vigilant and committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of the local communities,” ARH staff released in a statement yesterday (Dec. 7).

This fall, the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation (ARHF) saw this as the right time to launch its Angels Program to provide grateful patients and families with a formal way to celebrate exceptional care and support.

“The COVID experience has put into greater focus the importance of having excellent local healthcare that is there to support our loved ones, neighbours, and colleagues in the moments they need it,” Arnprior Regional Health Foundation executive director Ben Gardiner. “This was the right time to launch the new giving program as a way for community members to express their gratitude for our local healthcare heroes who deliver life-changing care and support.”

The following staff and physicians are among those who have been recognized by a patient or family through the Angels Program and have each have been presented with an Angel Pin to honour their contributions:

Laurie Hebert, Patient Flow Coordinator

When Martyn Brown had a bad fall, he was admitted to ARH’s inpatient unit (IPU).

During his stay, Martyn’s family was very thankful for the thoughtful care he received from the IPU team – and especially the assistance from Laurie, who was instrumental in helping Martyn transition to long-term care.

Dr. Cynthia Morrison, Family Physician

Dr. Morrison was recognized by the sister of a long-time patient who made a gift through the Angels Program to recognize her for the ongoing support, guidance, and help she has provided. Morrison has been a constant in this patient’s life, has gone above and beyond, and is a ‘true asset to the family.’

Dr. Joseph Caytak, Emergency Department Physician 

When Reg Gatenby started to feel sick, he was seen by Dr. Caytak in the emergency department. Through his exam, he could not determine what was wrong, so he ordered tests including an ultrasound the next morning.

Gatenby was told he needed an MRI to investigate further. The next morning, Caytak followed up on Gatenby’s case. Based on the ultrasound, Caytak told Reg he had a cancerous tumour on his kidney, and he could not afford to wait for an MRI.  He needed a referral to a urologist – and fast.

Nine years later, Gatenby is still cancer free because of Caytak’s curiosity, care, and good advice.

Learn more about the Angels Program here. The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation (ARHF) was founded in 2005 with a commitment to raise funds annually in support of the Arnprior Regional Health’s Hospital and Grove Nursing Home’s equipment needs, staff education and facility upgrades.  ARHF is currently focused on completing its Come Home to Great Care Campaign in support of the new and expanded Grove Nursing Home and the technology and equipment needs that ensure exceptional care can be accessed closer to home.