Patient safety week at Almonte hospital

LANARK COUNTY – Almonte General Hospital, Fairview Manor and Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital are proud to take part in Canadian Patient Safety Week 2020 from Oct. 26 to Oct. 30.

“Our teams are focused on continually improving patent care and safety,” communications lead Jane Adams released in a statement today (Oct. 26).

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s (CPSI) theme for the week is Virtual Care is New to Us. Virtual care describes any method used by a healthcare provider to connect with a patient remotely.  It may include emails, phone calls, instant messaging, video calls, and more.

“At the two hospitals, virtual appointments by telephone are being used during COVID-19 to support our patients, whenever possible,” Adams said. “In fact, about two-thirds of appointments with specialists are now being done virtually. This allows clinicians to provide the same services they did before the COVID-19 pandemic, while keeping everyone safe.”

In addition, telemedicine services are being provided in Carleton Place. This program connects patients with a specialist by video, reducing the need and stress associated with travel. In-person appointments can still be arranged when necessary.

According to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), while only 10 per cent of Canadians have experience with virtual care, more than 40 per cent would like more opportunity to have virtual visits with their healthcare provider. Patients using virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic had a 91 per cent satisfaction rate. In addition, CMA states that 75 per cent of Canadians believe new technologies could solve existing issues in our health care system.

“There is still a lot to explore with virtual care, including addressing questions about safety, managing the technology, privacy and physician/patient relationships,” Adams said.

To ensure the best virtual experience, patients can prepare in advance:

  • Be ready and have your computer equipment ready
  • Prior to the virtual appointment, jot down your symptoms, have a list of current medications and family history, and a list the question you want to ask
  • Have your health insurance card with you
  • Consider having a trusted person with you so you do not miss anything

“We are pleased to celebrate Canadian Patient Safety Week with staff, patients and residents.