Paramedic Memorial Bell arrives in Montague Township

MONTAGUE TOWNSHIP – On Dec. 17, the Lanark County Paramedic Service (LCPS) hosted a private Remember the Fallen ceremony as the Paramedic Memorial Bell arrived at the Lorne Street Paramedic Headquarters in Montague Township.

The Memorial Bell was constructed in 2015 by Ottawa paramedic Michael Dunlop and normally travels between Toronto and Ottawa as part of the Paramedic Ride. 

This annual event raises money in support of the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation to build a monument in Ottawa commemorating fallen Paramedics across Canada. This year due to COVID-19, the Memorial Bell is taking a winding route across Ontario and all 52 land and air ambulance services will host a ceremony to remember.

At 10 a.m., paramedics read aloud the names of 51 Canadian paramedics who have lost their life in the line of duty, tolling the Memorial Bell after each. The bell rang once more to honour those who are struggling with, or who have lost their battle with PTSD.

“While there are no line of duty death names on the Memorial Bell from Lanark County, PTSD has touched our paramedic family. It was an incredibly special ceremony to remember one of our own who is dearly missed,” Almonte General Hospital communications lead Jane Adams released in a statement Thursday (Dec. 17).

“We appreciate being able to honour these fallen Paramedics who lost their lives in the line of duty,” Lanark County Paramedic Chief Travis Mellema said. “We also see this as a great opportunity to raise awareness surrounding PTSD and the occupational mental strain that can affect first responders.  Lanark County Paramedic Service is committed to providing a healthy workplace for our staff, and we are proud of the work that our Peer Support Team does to promote resiliency and well-being.”

To view the names of the fallen, or to make a donation to the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation, please visit