Ottawa River at normal levels for this time of year

OTTAWA RIVER – The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board(ORRPB) is reporting levels at dams along the river are “close to normal for this time of year.”

The ORRPB is providing weekly updates on conditions along the Ottawa River.

“All major reservoirs in the system are continuing to empty in preparation for the freshet,” the ORRPB released in a statement today (March 10). “Water levels and flows on the main stem of the Ottawa River are close to normal for this time of the year and are expected to increase slightly over the coming week.”

Chats Lake at Arnprior is slightly below normal at 74.09 metres. Downs slightly from 74.15 m a week ago.

Water levels at Chenaux Generating Station have remained steady all week long. Today they wereat 85.72 m, down from 85.82 m last week. Levels at Lake Deschenes at Brittannia are also normal for this time of year at 58.27 m. Down from 58.38 a week ago.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is also drawing levels down.

OPG is currently in the process of drawing levels on the Ottawa River down upstream of Des Joachims generating station,” the ORRPB said. “This annual drawdown is expected to proceed over the next two to three weeks until levels reach the lower operating minimum. Expect a lowering of 10 to 25 cm per day over that period. Levels will be maintained lowered throughout spring until such time the risk of high flows subside and levels can be raised to the normal summer minimum.

The ORRPB was established to ensure integrated management of the principal reservoirs of the Ottawa River Basin; to minimize flood and drought impacts along the Ottawa River and its tributaries, particularly in the Montreal Region; while maintaining beneficial water uses in the basin.