Ottawa police target loud cars, street racers over weekend

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) conducted a joint city-wide enforcement initiative Operation #NoiseMaker, with assistance from local Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the city’s Bylaw Services officers.

The campaign is a direct response to enforcement requests specific to Street Racing and excessive/unnecessary noise generated primarily from aftermarket modifications to vehicle muffler and exhaust systems the OPS released in a statement today (June 23).

“High speeds and street racing continue to be a problem across the city, as is the noise related to this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour,” Ottawa Police Traffic case manager Sgt. Craig Roberts said. “We’ve heard from residents from every corner of the city and agree the excessive and unnecessary noise generated by a small minority of car and motorcycle enthusiasts has gotten to the level that it is definitely having a negative impact on residents’ quality of life.”

While street racing and stunt driving continue to be enforced on a daily basis, Operation #NoiseMaker will dedicate resources to known problematic locations in order to address those involved in generating unnecessary noise.

This past weekend, 307 provincial offence (PON) charges and three Criminal Code offences were issued, including:
•       55 Excessive noise/improper mufflers
•       47 Speeding offences
•       4 Stunt driving
•       2 Suspended drivers
•       2 No insurance

As well as:
•       Possession for the purpose of trafficking a schedule 1 substance
•       Distribution of illicit cannabis
•       Possession of property obtained by crime

“Careless drivers make themselves an easy target, while giving legitimate car and motorcycle enthusiasts a bad name,” #NoiseMakers operational lead Sgt. Troy Froats said. “We’ll continue to take a zero-tolerance approach until they get the message.”

“Speed limits are set for a reason. We can hand out tickets day after day, but our ultimate goal is to educate and convince drivers and riders to change their behaviour so as to keep in mind the residents who deserve respect and consideration, from a road safety and a noise level perspective,” head of the OPS Traffic Services Unit Staff Sgt. Marc-Andre Sheehy said.

Operation #NoiseMaker, launched this past weekend, will continue to focus on excessive and unnecessary vehicle noise across the city.