Ottawa launches automated speed enforcement Monday

OTTAWA – The City of Ottawa will issue speeding tickets through the Automated Speed Enforcement program beginning Monday, July 13.

Since December 2019, signs have been posted in designated community safety zones warning drivers that speed cameras are coming soon. New signs will warn motorists when speed cameras are in use.

“Vehicles that speed could have their picture taken,” city staff released in a statement today. “The registered owner would receive a ticket in the mail about 30 days later, showing their vehicle, license plate and the location, time of day and recorded speed. Drivers will not receive demerit points for tickets issued through the program.”

The city has four cameras – two fixed and two mobile – that will rotate through eight community safety zones. Those zones are also home to 11 schools. The cameras are intended to help reduce speeding and make the roads safer for children and other vulnerable road users.

For more information about the program, and for a list of camera locations, visit

The province paved the way for automated speed enforcement in November 2019 when it passed regulations under the Safer School Zones Act to reduce speeds in school zones and community safety zones.

“The pilot project is meant to evaluate the effectiveness of speed cameras at reducing instances of speeding in the vicinity of schools,” staff said. “A report will be presented to Transportation Committee and Council in mid-2021 with recommendations on the use of speed cameras within Ottawa moving forward.”

The city will reinvest revenue collected from automated speed enforcement back into road safety initiatives under the Strategic Road Safety Action Plan.