OPS statement on complaint naming deputy Chief Uday Jaswal

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Police Services (OPS) board received a copy of a human rights complaint filed naming Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal as the respondent. The complaint contains serious allegations that if substantiated, may constitute misconduct. On Sept. 11, the board held a special meeting to review the allegations contained in the human rights complaint and to determine appropriate next steps.

The board is committed to a positive and harassment-free workplace which requires that incidents of alleged harassment be properly investigated.

The board has therefore decided to ask the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) to cause the complaint to be promptly investigated, in accordance with the Police Services Act. We have also asked the OCPC to report back to the Board as soon as possible with its findings, including providing the Board with any preliminary assessment of the merits of the complaint and recommendations for any interim measures that are considered necessary and appropriate, including whether an immediate suspension is warranted.

Furthermore, the board has directed the Chief of Police to devise a plan to ensure that the operation of the OPS is not compromised in any way by Deputy Jaswal’s continuing tenure as a deputy chief of the OPS, subject to the board’s receipt of any additional information or recommendations that would warrant further action by the board.

In view of these steps and recognizing that the original complaint is currently before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the board will not be making any further comment.

The OPS board is the civilian body responsible for governing the OPS.  It is responsible for ensuring the provision of adequate and effective police services to City of Ottawa residents.