OPS amping up land, water enforcement this long weekend

OTTAWA – By land and sea, the Ottawa Police Service’s (OPS) frontline, traffic officers and the Marine Unit will be enforcing the rules of the road and waterways this August long weekend.

“Traffic is always heavier on long weekends, as people travel or go to their cottages,” Staff Sgt. Peter McKenna from the OPS Traffic Unit said. “The summer weather means people will be enjoying the water. Whether you are riding, driving, walking, swimming or boating, we want everyone to be safe.”

Throughout the summer, Operation Overwatch has been targeting speedsters, stunt drivers and street racers and Operation #NoiseMaker focuses on aggressive driving/riding, excessive speeds and unnecessary noise.

 “Speeding puts everyone at risk,” McKenna said. “Ideally, we want drivers to change their behaviour because it’s the safe thing to do, but when they don’t, there will be consequences.”

A zero tolerance approach will be taken to noisemakers too.

“The worst-of-the-worst make themselves an easy target, while giving legitimate car and motorcycle enthusiasts a bad name,” McKenna said. “We will issue tickets until they get the message.”

The Marine Unit will also be out, stopping vessels for speeding, safety equipment and impaired driving.

“People think the same rules don’t apply to the water, but they do,” Sgt. Walt Lushman, a member of the OPS Marine Unit, said. “Those who show a complete disregard for the safety of other road and water users will continue to draw our attention, with enforcement and applicable charges.”

So far this summer, the marine team have laid three Impaired driving charges and three three-day suspensions.