Operation Overwatch’s 1,500 speeding tickets show speeding remains a top issue

OTTAWA — Since launching Operation Overwatch on April 25 the combined efforts of Ottawa police frontline and traffic services officers resulted in more than 1,500 speeding tickets being issued across the city.

“This past week (June 1 to 8) we issued a total of 138 speeding charges, 27 warnings and four vehicles were towed for stunt driving (50+km/h over the posted limit),” the Ottawa Police Service released in a statement today (June 11).

“We’re working on road safety with an enforcement perspective. But there is more at play, considering road safety impacts everyone,” Ottawa police traffic case manager Sgt. Craig Roberts said.

“We encourage the public to continue to submit traffic enforcement requests online. We make good use of Intelligence-led tools at hand, including public complaints, to ensure our resources are deployed to problematic locations throughout the city,” traffic services unit Staff Sergeant Marc-André Sheehy said.

“Whether it’s a car, truck or motorcycle speeding down city streets day or night, it’s not acceptable and we’re going to continue to hold to account those drivers putting our friends and family at risk,” Roberts said.

Operation Overwatch focuses on high speeds, stunt driving/riding and street racing and will continue throughout the summer. You can make a traffic complaint online.