Ontario hits triple COVID-19 digits 11 days straight

OTTAWA – Ontario has a challenging  streak on its hands hitting 11 straight days of reporting triple-digit COVID-19 increases while Ottawa sees a slight dip.

Ontario is on day 11 (Sept. 6) of reporting new COVID-19 cases in the mid 100s, although there is a slight decline from what was reported Saturday. 

According to the Ontario government’s report Sunday, there are 158 new cases across the province —11 fewer than reported yesterday (169). 

That brings the province’s total cases to 43,161.

Ottawa is reporting 21 new cases of the virus in the city. Down from the 30 cases that were reported Saturday. 

The number of active cases in Ottawa is 211.

A 30 per cent difference in what was reported between the two days.

The city now has a total tally of 3,052 cases since the start of the pandemic.

In Ontario, 111 cases have resolved since yesterday. That means a total of 38,958 cases have cleared since the pandemic started, or more than 90 per cent.

In Ottawa, 2,595 cases have resolved — or almost 85 per cent of cases. 

The province is also reporting two deaths, while Ottawa isn’t reporting any new deaths.