OFS unsticks Dunrobin dirt bike rider

DUNROBIN – Ottawa firefighters had to use their skills to remove a dirt bike rider stuck in the mud near Murphy Side Road today (Sept. 17).

Firefighters bush truck, utility vehicle and an unstuck dirt bike
The OFS’ bush truck and utility vehicle, and at the far left, a glimpse of the unstuck dirt bike. Courtesy the OFS

Firefighters from Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) Station 45 in South March were first on scene to give a helping hand.

“At 12:52 p.m. OFS received a call from a dirt bike rider who was stuck on a trail off of Murphy Side Road, near the Dunrobin area,” OFS public information officer Carson Tharris released in a statement today. “The rider was not injured but had gotten both legs stuck in deep mud.”

OFS dispatchers were able to use the caller’s cell phone to pinpoint the location on the winding network of trails. 

“Dispatchers remained in communication with the caller to ensure they were safe and to have them sound the horn on their vehicle as we approached,” Tharris said.

“OFS deployed a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) to head into the bush following the GPS coordinates provided by the caller’s cell phone.”

Firefighters were able to pull the rider out of the deep mud and assist them and the disabled vehicle back out of the woods. 

“We would like to remind residents to stay safe while out enjoying the many trails in our region,” Tharris said.

  • Be cautious when operating all terrain vehicles in unfamiliar areas. 
  • Ride with a buddy who can assist you if you run into problems during your outing. 
  • Ride during daylight hours.
  • Never operate an all-terrain vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.