New pediatrician joins Ottawa Valley health team

ALMONTE – Dr. Cara Walker is all about families – both her own and those she cares for in her pediatric practice based in Almonte at the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team.

Dr. Cara Walker
Dr. Cara Walker

“I have my husband, Kyle, to thank for bringing me here,” Walker said. “He joined the team earlier this year and loves working with staff at both Almonte General Hospital and Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital.” 

Dr. Kyle Walker is a Rheumatologist and offers clinics at both hospitals.

In her new practice, Walker provides specialized services to families in the region. She will work with family physicians to provide extra support and input for challenges such as behavioural concerns, learning disabilities or medical issues where a second opinion may be helpful. 

“It’s wonderful. I look forward to coming to work every day because it’s a pleasure to work with families,” Walker said. “As a mom myself, I know what it’s like to constantly question yourself about whether or not you are doing the best thing for your child. Having a child with a medical or behavioural issue is extremely challenging as a parent. I’m happy to provide extra support and diagnostic clarity for families.”

Walker completed her medical degree in Ireland and her pediatric specialization at the University of Ottawa. Her previous placement at CHEO has given her a wide range of experience, as well as close contact with pediatric sub-specialists.

“Pediatrics was never a question for me,” she remembers. “I love it for so many reasons, including that I get laugh, smile and play with my patients every day.”

Walker is at the OVFHT two days a week. She also provides virtual consultations. A referral from a family physician is required.