NCAFA’s Week 3 power rankings released

WEST CARLETON – The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) has released its Week 3 House Edge Sporting Network (HESN) Power Rankings of the season and some Wolverines squads are looking up, and others are looking down.

After a rough start to the season, the 0-2 West Carleton 6V6 tykes are looking way up siting at 15 in the 15-team tyke Power Ranking poll. It was a six-spot drop from the Week 2 rankings at Number 9.

The mosquito squad finds itself in the middle of the mosquito Power Rankings pack in Week 3 after owning the top spot in the ranking after Week 2. The team won its first game and lost against the Number 1 team in the league, the Bell Warriors last week.

That has HESN placing the Wolverines in third in the five-team Power Rankings.

The top West Carleton team is the pee wee squad sitting in sixth spot in the 12-team pee wee Power Rankings. It was a six-spot climb for the Wolverines after winning their Week 2 match.

All Wolverine NCAFA Week 3 matches are on the road tomorrow (Sept. 1) as all three squads play at Quinn’s Pointe against the Bell Warriors.