MVCA applauds multi-government approach to flood risk

MISSISSIPPI VALLEY WATERSHED – The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) says it welcomes the coordinated approach to flood risk and mitigation the Ontario government released last Monday (March 9).

“With the spring thaw top of mind for residents who were affected by significant flooding along the Ottawa River in 2019, the Mississippi Valley, Rideau Valley and South Nation Conservation Authorities welcome the coordinated approach that Ontario proposes to build between federal and provincial governments, local municipalities, conservation authorities and indigenous partners to protect people and property from the devastating and costly impacts of flooding,” the MVCA released in a statement today (March 12).

“We are pleased to be working with the province and sharing our flood management expertise and watershed approach to deliver services and programs,” MVCA general manager Sally McIntyre said. “We look forward to learning how the Strategy will support sustainable funding for flood forecasting and operations, flood proofing of existing structures and stewardship of wetlands to mitigate flooding.”