Murder trial for 2017 Arnprior crash underway

OTTAWA – The murder trial stemming from a 2017 motor vehicle collision in Arnprior got underway in an Ottawa courthouse yesterday (Jan. 15).

Zachary Wittke, 22, of Eganville is facing several charges, including first-degree murder, in the September 2017 crash on Daniel Street in Arnprior that killed 65-year-old Sheila Welsh. Wittke is accused of stealing a truck and intentionally slamming into Welsh’s car.

Wittke has pleaded not guilty in the case. According to media reports, court was told the morning of the incident, Wittke texted a friend saying that thinking about killing people and himself every day was getting to him and he needed to act on it before it drove him nuts.  T

The Crown also played a Facebook live video from a year earlier, in which Wittke, in a stolen pick-up, is heard taunting the police and telling them if they chased him, he’d kill anyone in his path. He was later sentenced to 18 months in jail for that incident and had only been out of jail a month before the incident that killed Welsh.  Welsh’s children attended the first day of the trial at the Ottawa courthouse.  Court resumes today (Jan. 16).

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