MPP releases Kanata-Carleton volunteer roundtable report

WEST CARLETON – Kanata-Carleton MPP Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, released the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Roundtable Discussion Report, which documents the exchanges in a meeting on volunteerism held Feb. 4.

The MPP’s report has been forwarded to all participants of the roundtable and is now available to the public upon request.

“A total of 12 representatives from local volunteer organizations joined Fullerton to discuss volunteerism and the challenges our community will face as Kanata and West Carleton recover from the pandemic,” Fullerton’s staff released in a statement today (Feb. 24). “Their discussion included insights gained about volunteerism in 2020; plans to re-engage volunteers and the public; and, a review of possible next steps for local volunteer groups.”

“The roundtable allowed us a chance to reflect on some very important issues relating to the challenges facing our volunteer groups and our community,” Fullerton said. “Most important was what was shared concerning how our volunteer organizations are pivoting from last year to re-connect with their valued volunteers and with the public. This roundtable discussion is a good springboard for all local volunteer groups to think about how they might make the most of 2021.”

In the report Fullerton promised further action promoting greater volunteer engagement and strengthening the volunteer network in Kanata and West Carleton. Fullerton committed to:

share the roundtable report with local volunteer groups and community leaders and amplify the discussion and insights by reaching out to a wider circle of volunteer groups

facilitate a plan for follow-up activities as suggested in the roundtable discussion

host another roundtable later in 2021 to further the exchanges between local volunteer groups

continue the promotion of local volunteer activities in social media, news and in meetings within the community and at Queen’s Park

“This roundtable discussion has been helpful and thought provoking,” Fullerton told the attendees. “I want to continue to promote greater engagement and greater awareness of volunteerism in our community. I return to a point made at the beginning and that is healthy and strong community groups and volunteer organizations make for a healthy community.

“We live in a wonderful community – and I believe it is so because of our community-minded residents, many of whom are volunteers in our community associations and groups. So, thank you to everyone for the important roles you are playing in our community.

“In areas where I might be able to assist your organization, please get hold of me and my staff at my Community Office. Let’s build on what we learned in this roundtable discussion.”

In July 2019, Fullerton published the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Initiative, a document to begin a community dialogue on the benefits of volunteerism. The MPP’s objective was to encourage greater volunteer engagement in our community and provide information to get residents involved with volunteer activities that interest them.

Since the community initiative’s inception more than 36 volunteer organizations have been involved in an exchange of ideas and information. In January 2020, Fullerton hosted the first community volunteer roundtable.

Contact Tiffany Lepack at the MPP Community Office for a copy of the Kanata-Carleton Community Volunteer Roundtable Discussion Report at